5 thoughts on “Arnold Caustics shader

  1. Which rays are you dot’ing? The incident ray from camera to the crystal surface? Maybe you could give a bit more explanation please? I’d like to test creating this in houdini.

  2. Hello Heri,
    very interesting tricks, thanks for sharing !
    I tried to reproduce it on arnold by folowing the blender cycle tutorial, but I’m stuck on one step.
    In the blender tutorial, the transmission is set to a value above 1, wich increase the intensity of the light ray traveling through the glass, making the caustic effect more visible.
    In arnold, I think the transmission clamp any value above 1 as not to break the energy conservation.
    So I have the rigth caustic pattern, but they are pretty weak.
    In your examples it look like you tackle this issue.
    Any tips to share =D ?

  3. you can increase the shadow density on the light parameters. but most of the time I just rendered a “shadow” pass and add it on top in comp.

  4. Thanks Heri for the quick reply !
    I think increase the shadow density was possible on previous arnold version, but on Arnold 7 it is locked and there is the warning below: “Cannot set the attribute ‘aiAreaLightShape1.aiShadowDensity’ past its maximum value of 1.”
    I’m going to have a better look at the shadow pass.

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