vasquez rocks

i was at vasquez park, where the famous rocksformation exits.they shoot many old tv show like a-team, star trek, bill and ted etc.. even the newst star trak was there: Screen capture from 2.0. or the old stratrak episode “area” with worst figth scene ever Screen capture from 2.0. ….here my pictures iContinue reading “vasquez rocks”

chinese new year of black water dragon

chinese new year parade in donwtown L.A. It was much smaller than the parade in sydney usally. also less costuemes like in downtown.i took the picture with sony nex 5 and 35mm F1.7 slr magic lens. this 40 bucks less gives the pictures a kind of a Retro-Flair, which i like.this little lens gives backContinue reading “chinese new year of black water dragon”