Basic AOV and Lightgroups passes with Arnold and Houdini19 Solaris

i made 2 minutes video how to creat AOV passes with Arnold in Solaris. I am using the Arnold ROP node to deal the Variables names and LightPath expression for my own passes in LOP’s

here 2 minutes video how to create Lightgroups asses within LOPs (Solaris). in Houdini 19

Here’s a simple kick trick to get a list of AOVs and LPEs. The -laovs flag lists all the AOVs in the loaded scene, but if you give kick no input, you’ll get a list of all built-in AOVs defined by Arnold. this only works when you have arnoldSDK installed.

For example, on Windows, run :

kick -laovs -i Null  

On Linux or macOS, run :

 kick -laovs -i /dev/null

Available aovs:

kick -laovs -i Nul<br>
Available aovs:<br>
    Type:    Name:                        LPE:<br>
    VECTOR2  motionvector (~)<br>
    RGBA     RGBA                         C.*<br>
    VECTOR   N (~)<br>
    FLOAT    Z (~)<br>
    RGB      direct                       C[DSV]L<br>
    RGB      indirect                     C[DSV][DSVOB].*<br>
    VECTOR   Pref (~)<br>
    RGB      albedo                       C[DSV]A<br>
    RGB      emission                     C[LO]<br>
    RGB      diffuse_direct               C&lt;RD&gt;L<br>
    RGB      background                   CB<br>
    RGB      denoise_albedo               ((C&lt;TD&gt;A)|(CVA)|(C&lt;RD&gt;A))<br>
    RGB      sss_albedo                   C&lt;TD&gt;A<br>
    RGB      specular_albedo              C&lt;RS[^'coat''sheen']&gt;A<br>
    RGB      diffuse                      C&lt;RD&gt;.*<br>
    FLOAT    cputime (~)<br>
    RGB      diffuse_indirect             C&lt;RD&gt;[DSVOB].*<br>
    RGB      sss_indirect                 C&lt;TD&gt;[DSVOB].*<br>
    RGB      diffuse_albedo               C&lt;RD&gt;A<br>
    RGBA     shadow_matte<br>
    FLOAT    volume_Z (~)<br>
    RGB      specular                     C&lt;RS[^'coat''sheen']&gt;.*<br>
    RGB      coat_direct                  C&lt;RS'coat'&gt;L<br>
    RGB      specular_direct              C&lt;RS[^'coat''sheen']&gt;L<br>
    RGB      specular_indirect            C&lt;RS[^'coat''sheen']&gt;[DSVOB].*<br>
    RGB      volume_direct                CVL<br>
    RGB      coat                         C&lt;RS'coat'&gt;.*<br>
    RGB      coat_indirect                C&lt;RS'coat'&gt;[DSVOB].*<br>
    RGB      coat_albedo                  C&lt;RS'coat'&gt;A<br>
    RGB      sheen                        C&lt;RS'sheen'&gt;.*<br>
    RGB      transmission                 C&lt;TS&gt;.*<br>
    RGB      transmission_direct          C&lt;TS&gt;L<br>
    RGB      transmission_indirect        C&lt;TS&gt;[DSVOB].*<br>
    VECTOR2  AA_offset (~)<br>
    RGB      transmission_albedo          C&lt;TS&gt;A<br>
    VECTOR   P (~)<br>
    RGB      sheen_direct                 C&lt;RS'sheen'&gt;L<br>
    RGB      volume                       CV.*<br>
    RGB      sheen_indirect               C&lt;RS'sheen'&gt;[DSVOB].*<br>
    NODE     shader (~)<br>
    RGB      sheen_albedo                 C&lt;RS'sheen'&gt;A<br>
    RGB      sss                          C&lt;TD&gt;.*<br>
    RGB      sss_direct                   C&lt;TD&gt;L<br>
    RGB      volume_indirect              CV[DSVOB].*<br>
    RGB      volume_albedo                CVA<br>
    FLOAT    A (~)<br>
    FLOAT    ZBack (~)<br>
    RGB      opacity (~)<br>
    RGB      volume_opacity (~)<br>
    FLOAT    raycount (~)<br>
    UINT     ID (~)<br>
    NODE     object (~)<br>
    FLOAT    AA_inv_density (~)<br>
    RGBA     RGBA_denoise (~)<br>
    (~) No opacity blending<br>

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